Walk from Grassington to Bursnall

A lovely, easy walk from Grassington to Burnsall alongside the River Wharfe.

A walk from Grassington to Burnsall and back along the River Wharfe, passing Linton Falls, Linton Church, crossing the suspension bridge (or over the stepping stones) at Hebden before continuing to Burnsall. There’s great views of the River, grassy areas to sit and enjoy the views and spots ideal for swimming.

Brief details

Length: 7 miles.
Difficulty: Easy. Flat, alongside the River Wharfe.
Type: A walk from Grassington to Burnsall; out & back along the same route.
Time required: 2-2½ hours

Map of the walk

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The path from Grassington to the riverPark in Grassington, ideally in the main car park next to the Information Centre. Head to the back of the car park, towards Linton and the river. There’s a gate there that leads to a path between 2 drystone walls. Walk down this to the river. Just before the wooden bridge over Linton Falls there’s a gap in the wall on the left, signposted Burnsall.

First field on the walk to Burnsall from GrassingtonTake this left turn into a field and follow the path with the river on your right. You’ll go across a couple of fields – the lovely Linton church, and it’s graveyard, are on the other side of the river – until you come to some steps and a little gate over a wall. Once over this, turn right and walk down narrow road past the trout hatchery, a couple of houses and a B&B.

Road to the trout farm, near GrassingtonAfter a couple of hundred yards the road will end at a gate. Go through this; the path is obvious so follow it across an open field. At the other side there’s another gate, with the path continuing through a rather narrower, more wooded, section right next to the river. At the end , it’s through another gate and into a wide, grassy area. In the summer you’ll find people lazing around here relaxing in the sun, enjoying barbeques, skimming stones and playing ball games.

The stepping stones at Hebden from the Burnsall sideContinue along the side of the river – you’re about halfway to Burnsall now – heading towards Hebden where you’ll cross over to the other side. At Hebden, you have two options. There’s a narrow suspension bridge which is great fun but there might be a bit of a wait if there are people crossing from the other side. The more adventurous can, however, try the stepping stones. Even more interesting if the river is a little high, or you meet someone coming the other way.

Swimming point near BurnsallThe path continues to follow the river, which is now on your left. There’s a short incline where the river cuts through a small gorge, but nothing too strenuous. At this spot, on a warm day, daredevils jump from the rocks into the water. It’s risky though. Several people have slipped and fallen to their deaths over the years. A little further on, down the other side of the incline, the path opens out again into a lovely grassy area. The river is quiet and slow here, a great spot for swimming.

Keep walking and, after a short time, the walking becomes much easier as the path has been concreted. A few hundred yards after this Burnsall comes into sight. Walk past the Red Lion pub and up into the village by the bridge.

Have a cuppa (the Wharfe View , across the road, is a great cafe) or maybe a drink in the pub before heading back the way you came.
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