Spring view, Yorkshire

Spring, and a birthday, arrives in the Yorkshire Dales

Oh bliss. Spring has arrived in the Yorkshire Dales. In time for my birthday. And there is nothing like spring in the Dales.

The birthday included a delicious lunch followed by a stroll through nearby farm and scrub-land, ending at a local hill top with all round views of the stunning countryside. Then back for tea and birthday cake.


Sheep and lamb. ©Yorkshire Dales Trail. All rights reserved.Lambs and lapwings

On the walk we were treated to bursting buds on trees and shrubs, fluffy frolicking lambs in the fields, flocks of starlings creating breathtaking shapes in the sky and fluttering, chattering lapwings hovering over the grass. Plus, the sun shone down with real warmth for pretty much the first time this year.

Spring is my favourite season with its fresh, vivid green growth and the promise of a long, hot summer. Coupled with a birthday, a taste-bud tingling lunch and the sight of new lambs, this day could not be beaten.

Eclipse of the sun to follow

Eclipse, March 2013

Eclipse, March 2013

Unless it was the following day with the clouds clearing just in time to see the eclipse of the sun!

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