Royal Wedding – the north/south divide

At a family Easter gathering in Hertfordshire this weekend, my brother-in-law happened to mention to me that he and my sister-in-law would be watching the Royal Wedding avidly. The TV would go on early and not a moment would be missed. I replied that we would not be watching; we’ll be travelling to Scotland on the day, heading for the Outer Hebrides. Even if we were at home, however, I couldn’t imagine that we would spend the day in front of the telly.

He thought this confirmed what he’d read in the Daily Telegraph – that there was a clear North/South when it came to public celebrations of the big day. In London and the Home Counties there’s been 5,500 applications to hold street parties. As you come further north, however, the number of applications fall off  dramatically. Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle have had a meagre 28 applications between them. York has had just 7 requests. And north of the border, the Scots seem even less enthusiastic – Edinburgh has had a mere 20 applications while a city the size of Glasgow will see the grand total of 0 (zero) street parties.

Why should this be? Are we in the north less royalist? Is it more difficult to get an application through – have we been set tighter deadlines to make applications, or have more red-tape to cut through? Or do we just celebrate differently, in the local pub for instance, or at home with friends and family? Certainly, my experience is that we enjoy a party just as much as folks in the south.

I know there are official events organised, like the one in Skipton, so perhaps we are drawn to those rather than the pain of arranging our own outside event. Or maybe we just don’t like all that clearing up afterwards. Now that’s a thought that would put me right off arranging anything in my street!!

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