Otis Gibbs and Roseanne Reid

Otis Gibbs and Roseanne Reid at Reeth Memorial Hall

Exclusive double bill:
Otis Gibbs and Roseanne Reid play Reeth Memorial Hall, Yorkshire Dales

Fri 17 July 2015 – 7.30pm

For one night only, in celebration of their 20th Anniverary, The Band Room is relocating to the Memorial Hall in the Yorkshire Dales village of Reeth where they’ll welcome the great U.S. Alt-country/Folk singer-songwriter Otis Gibbs and Roseanne Reid, the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards nominee.

So don’t come to the usual venue, Farndale, for this one! Instead, set your satnav for the heart of the northern Yorkshire Dales – postcode DL11 6QT.

Otis Gibbs

Raised in Wanamaker, Indiana, Otis Gibbs sings of social justice (or lack of it) in a powerfully intimate blue-collar style reminiscent of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. His sharp lyrics and raspy vocals recall Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark. But he’s also been likened to Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen … and even Bob Dylan.

Reeth Memorial Hall

Reeth Memorial Hall is just a few minutes walk from the centre of the village. It’s used as a community facility for parties, village events, conferences and for hosting the Swaledale Marathon. More importantly, it is used regularly as a music venue hosting a range of events, for example, during the Swaledale Festival. As well as welcoming Otis Gibbs and Roseanna Reid on 17 July 2015, of course.

Why Reeth?

Reeth was chosen for this one because the gorgeous Dales village, 50 miles west of Farndale, is in The Band Room’s DNA. It was there, in 1995, the idea for The Band Room was formed.

The creators of The Band Room had gone there on that occasion to hear a useful Cajun band, the French Alligators, playing the Memorial Hall. With their dancing shoes on, they hit the road and two-stepped the night away. And they had such a great time that, the next day back in Farndale, they scratched their heads and asked themselves, “Why can’t we do that here?”

The Band Room is created

It turned out they could. Nigel Burnham, one of those scratching their heads, knew the venue in Farndale having organised a gig there some thirteen years earlier in 1982 while working as a music journalist in the late seventies and early 80s. It was the original home of the Farndale Silver Band but that band had called it a day some 30 years earlier. A small, flimsy building with a dodgy roof, it formed an unlikely place for a hip music venue, but it worked in 1982, and it works to this day.


Tickets for the Otis Gibbs/Roseanne Reid gig cost just £15 and you can buy them online via The Band Room website.
Alternatively you can send a cheque. Email info[at] for more information or call them on 01751 432900.

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